4D3N Ireland Road Trip

Sunday, March 20, 2016

One of the most life changing trip I've embarked on was visiting Ireland. It was the first time I went on a road trip and I can't stress how much I enjoy going on road trips.

Singapore has a population density of 8,000 people/km square whereas Ireland's population density is at 73 people/km square. Even though both countries have similar population size, there is so much more space and land in Ireland.

Transportation around Ireland is not frequent and the preferred mode of transport is to rent a car and explore Ireland in it.
I touched down at Shannon Airport and got our Thrifty Ford Focus. Upon arrival, we drove our way up to the Cliffs of Moher. Did you know that one of the scenes in Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince was filmed here?

As we arrived at the Cliffs of Moher slightly before sunset, we were welcomed with this view of the cliffs. It was so surreal and blew our minds. We spent our first night at Doolin Cottage B&B which was a lovely cottage along the Wild Atlantic Way road. The host was lovely and the breakfast was delicious. After recharging for the night, we drove along the Wild Atlantic Way towards Galway. It was really therapeutic to drive along the Wild Atlantic Way, having the ocean breeze against our faces. We even made a couple of pit stops along the way because the view was simply too stunning.
We had to cross over a field where a couple of cows were grazing. Imagine all the cow dung we had to carefully avoid while heading to this place. It looked really dangerous at where the waves were hitting because they were really strong so we did not dare to go to close to the ocean. And this taken at the blackhead, which was part of the Burren National Park. Driving along all the black rocks was really amazing. The rocks were smooth and looked as if they eroded gracefully. We went over to the edge of the cliff which was really terrifying. There wasn't a single soul around so if my partner was to push me down the cliff into the ocean, nobody would have known and my body will probably never be found. This signifies the importance of getting a travel buddy whom you have absolute trust in. Also, take note of your travelling time because as you can see, there are no street lights! It'll be extremely dark and hard to navigate when the sun sets. Plus, some of the roads can get really scary because they are only one lane with cars from both directions.

We were travelling in one of the shortcuts and it was two-direction road with only one single lane! The roads were hilly and surrounded with tall grasses so when we were ascending, we had to be really careful because we could not see the car in front of us. There are plenty of tiny villages and towns along the way which made it easy to stopover for meals. One of my recommendations is Bofey Quinns Bar & Restaraunt. It is along the way to the Burren National Park. Try their traditional Irish stew, definitely the best Irish stew I had while in Ireland! The buildings in Western Ireland are really pleasing to the eyes and I love driving through these towns. Their vibrant colours stand out from the natural environment along the Wild Atlantic Way. It'll be really nice to retire and move to Western Ireland and live in one of these houses. The drive from Galway to Dublin took three hours and it was easy to navigate as it was a straight expressway across Ireland. I didn't really like Dublin as much as I love the Western Ireland and Wild Atlantic Way.

Ireland is definitely deeply missed and if I have the opportunity again, I would love to do another road trip in Ireland.

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  1. Ireland is one of my favourite destinations too. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello, may I know which month did you travel around Ireland? Was 4D3N too short to go around? And how's the weather like? Thanks!

    1. Hello Christina, I went in December (winter). And we had perfect weather but our local hosts did note that such perfect weather was rather rare and we were just really lucky to have such great weather. Also, 4D3N might be a little short to explore but we did not have enough time to extend. I would recommend a longer stay :)