Getting to Jiufen & Shifen from Taipei

Saturday, April 02, 2016

When I was in Taipei previously, I made a short trip to JiuFen. The gorgeous JiuFen and ShiFen is easily accessible from Taipei. To get to ShiFen or JiuFen, you can hop on a train at the Taipei Railway Station heading north towards RuiFang. To get to ShiFen, change onto the PingXi Line at RuiFang. One word of advice is to get a train timetable as the train frequency is inconsistent. You can find the train schedule and more details on how to get to the PingXi line here. Our first stop was ShiFen. And we lighted a paper lantern there and explored the streets. Unfortunately, we didn't allocate much time in ShiFen and only spent an hour there. The next stop was JingTong. The last stop on the PingXi Line. The crowd here is significantly lesser as majority just hang around ShiFen. There are a lot of places worthy of photo in JingTong so if you're heading there, drop by the place! And I mailed myself postcards from Taiwan, because I didn't have my address book with me and couldn't send my friends postcards. The sky was getting dark and we decide to leave and head back to RuiFang. Unfortunately, we were too early for our bus to JiuFen so we explored the area and found a nearby market which sells really good sushi. It's like an indoor market that has various sushi stalls. The bus heading towards JiuFen is across the train station. Take the Keelung Transit bus and the journey will bring you up to JiuFen. You can easily find the JiuFen Old Street, which is the main street in JiuFen. There, you can find good food! Yes, I was eating non-stop and never felt happier. Our accommodation was Sunny Room. The host was really nice and I think we got lost while finding the place. But we managed to find our way there after getting directions from the host. The room was beautiful and the view was amazing. I'll definitely recommend Sunny Room. :)

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