Second Semester into my University Life

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I'm into the second semester of my first year in NTU and I'm really grateful to NTU for making these past 6 months really enjoyable and fruitful.

You know how there's so many people who are in university because all they are after is a piece a paper, but I feel that's the wrong mindset. We shouldn't be wasting 3-4 years of our life pursuing a paper, which may end up being meaningless and useless anyway.

University life offers so many opportunities, studying abroad, working abroad, running a club, participating in sports, networking with different people, organizing events... There's so many things we get to do here.

University period will be the last time you'll be in school, the last time where you can make mistakes without being in deep waters, the last time to enjoy yourself before you start working.

Therefore, I'm really glad I have not wasted the first year of my university life. NTU has given me a lot of opportunities to grow myself this year. I'm halfway done with semester 2 and I'm not exactly proud of my GPA but I actually felt really accomplished within this short span in NTU.

Hall life, School life, has all been really great to me.

I'm really glad to be part of the Hall 10 family - especially Razers. Training almost every day during the holidays and first month of semester two has paid off :)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reunite with my first love - cheerleading. Thank you for making fall in love all over again. Thank you for giving me the chance to be on the mats once more. Thank you for all your encouragements and hard work. The team wouldn't be today if it wasn't because of everyone's commitment. And coach <3

And thank you everyone who supported us during the inter-hall cheerleading competition, especially Hall 10. You guys were really awesome, screaming your lungs out with us during the cheer. We were so exhausted to scream but hearing all your voices, it really spurred us on.

Victory has never tasted sweeter. To be truthful, I never expected us to come in top, neither do I expect us to be in the top 3. We weren't exactly doing difficult stunts. When they were announcing the results, I was a little disheartened when the 4th and 5th places weren't us. I thought we didn't make it. It got worse when the 3rd placing was announced. None of us expected first. :) I'm just really glad and grateful.

And thank you Wei Loong for always being there for me after cheer trainings.  Thank you for cleaning up my room when I'm in training, for always leaving me food after training knowing that I'll be hungry.

I'm also really glad to be part of another big, warm family in NTU. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in the 22nd executive committee of one of the top 4 clubs in NTU.

I enjoyed myself in the presence of all these leaders. They've been really supportive and understanding all the way, helping me to juggle between my cheerleading life and this.

And thank you for exposing me to so many different events. I may not be really good at doing what I'm doing, but I really appreciate everyone's guidance.

And thank you for giving me the opportunity to design the pillar for our club. I'm just really glad to have left something behind in NTU that's going to last a few years.

It's been a joy working with all these people.

Sure, there's lots of ups and downs during these few months. So little time to sleep, so much work to juggle, and on top of that, there's school work that I have to complete. I have activities almost every night in school and I hardly had any time to meet my friends outside of NTU. I guessed, I really learned to manage my time properly during this period.

I guess I must have been out of my mind to choose the two busiest things to join. But I never once regret my decision. If I were to choose again, I'll go down this path.

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