Malaysia's very own Legoland

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Malaysia opened Legoland in 2012.

I've always wanted to go over to Legoland but I just couldn't find time to do so, until 2nd January. And here I am typing a post on it 2 months after the entire trip!

Unlike many others who booked their coach and tickets to Legoland through travel agencies, we decided to do it by ourselves.

We bought the tickets off the Legoland website which was having some kind of promotion back then. So it was cheaper than usual! All you need is a credit card and a printer to print your online ticket. Apparently, they don't really check your particulars against the particulars on your ticket when you're at the entrance.

Plus, there are some people selling cheaper tickets outside of Legoland, the mall opposite Legoland. Probably about RM 10-20 cheaper.

With regards to how we managed to find our way to Legoland, we took the public transport.

We boarded CW6 from Boon Lay towards Bukit Indah. We boarded at Boon Lay because all of us came from hall so Boon Lay was a lot more convenient. There's specific timings for the buses so do check it out before. The trip across the causeway cost us $4.

At Johor causeway, we hopped on the bus JP02 that travelled to Legoland and JPO. It didn't cost us much either. Be sure to have small Malaysian change to board the bus!

Finally! We made it to Legoland! We grabbed a quick lunch opposite Legoland before heading inside.

Personally, if you're going Legoland in hopes of extreme and exciting rides, you'll be disappointed. Legoland's more of a family-themed park, with many children rides.

And it's more of a place for you to take photos with all the lovely pieced lego sculptures.

These lego sculptures are basically everywhere!

And occasionally, a lego mascot.

And there's even a room for you to actually get hands-on on some lego bricks!

We're building our very own earthquake resistant lego tower.

And we even had the chance to build our own lego race car and race down a ramp.

Then there's replicates of the different countries' landmarks in lego form. Behind us is Singapore's own CBD area!

And Malaysia's own landmark!

Last but not least, Legoland has its own Lego store, claiming to be the world's biggest lego store. There's so many lego merchandises and toys for you to shop till you drop in the store.

However, the things are a little pricey so I didn't get anything. A simple lego figurine keychain cost S$10+.

Also, I do recommend you to eat before going as the food in Legoland isn't that awesome. :)

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