7 Travel Items To Have In Your Backpack

Saturday, November 04, 2017

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There is always a need to pack your bags according to where you are travelling. If you're exploring a big city, the essentials in your bag differs from what you would bring on a hike or a beach getaway.

As for every trip, there are definitely some common essentials that I would always bring along with me whenever I am travelling.

1. Hand Sanitizer

I'm not much of a clean freak but sometimes it's really handy to have a hand sanitizer, especially when washrooms are not easily accessible. Also, the hand sanitizer has a really nice scent which would also come in handy whenever the place (or someone) smells.

2. Jacket

I don't always bring along a jacket since it's not always needed. Why would you need one when you're going on a beach getaway? However, I've come to realise that the jacket is really important when you're taking transportations, whether you're on the plane, train or bus. Also, sometimes the weather can be really erratic. It's always best to be prepared for the cold.

3. Headphones

Noise isolation headphones are really a good to have when you are travelling. There was once I stayed in a 10-bed hostel and I spent the entire night listening to a snoring orchestra. 

4. Kindle

Long train or bus rides are inevitable when you are travelling. That's when a book can be your best travel companion. I like to store all kinds of books in my Kindle because I read different kinds of books when I am feeling differently. 

5. Umbrella

I've realised the importance of an umbrella/poncho when I was in Switzerland earlier this year. I was stuck in the rain for hours and got myself all drenched and cold. I chose an umbrella over a poncho as an umbrella works well to block out the UV rays.

6. Water Bottle

This might be the most important item on the list. There's always a tendency to be dehydrated when you're travelling because you would be running all around, often forgetting to hydrate yourself. 

7. Laptop

A laptop is not necessary when you are travelling but it is for us, who have to work on our photos and blog. And the problem is that the laptop can get a little too heavy to carry around and you would need a big enough bag to keep your laptop. 

I am really grateful for my Gaston Luga backpack that was sent to me by the lovely Gaston Luga marketing team. Look how I could easily stuff all the listed items into the backpack without it looking too bulky.

Gaston Luga is a Swedish brand that specialises in minimalistic backpacks and takes pride in their quality. Check out their brand video:

Use 'michellegosh' for a 15% off your Gaston Luga backpack purchase. Also, on top of a 15% off, you also get a 20% off tax rebate for any orders outside of Europe. So it's a HUGE discount off. Here's an example of the price breakdown should both discount be applied.

Also, Gaston Luga has just started a limited seasonal offer for the upcoming holiday season, in which a free leather address tag will be added to every backpack order by a customer. This seasonal offer will be available while the leather address tags stocks last.

I was really excited to receive my backpack, so much so that I immediately brought it along on my Japan trip and I can't stress how great it was. It was neither too big nor too small to keep all my travel essentials and I foresee bringing my Gaston Luga backpack on more of my future adventures.

I even brought it along to DisneySea and could even bring the backpack up on the rides. The backpack actually fitted into most of the rides' front pouches.

Once again, a huge thank you to the Gaston Luga marketing team. :)

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