Flying first class on Emirates

Sunday, March 12, 2017

After a month's stay in Prague, I returned to Singapore the day after Christmas. The flight back was approximately 17 hours long, including a transfer at Dubai. The fortunate me had one of my flights bumped up to First Class.

Honestly, I have no clue how I was upgraded to First Class. I was checking in over the counters as usual and was given a Business boarding pass, which was what I purchased. Sensing everything to be the same as usual, I went to board the plane. However, as I was handling my boarding pass over to the ground crew right before boarding on the plane, my boarding pass was rejected. The staff went to check with the system and broke the news that I was upgraded to First Class. 

Before I even had the time to register the fact that I was upgraded to First Class, I was ushered into the plane and brought to my seat. The stewards and stewardesses were coming up to me, greeting me and introducing themselves. 

The seat was unfamiliar and the steward was more than willing to explain the seat functions. The personal legroom for First Class was amazing. Similarly to the Business Class, the seat was able to recline flat, perfect for sleeping. The First Class came with a remote controlled privacy door which was lovely because I could sleep in peace without having someone looking over me. The entertainment screen was also significantly bigger. The drinks bar was also remote controlled but the drinks selection was similar to what you get in Business Class.

I think what was the most surprising thing I experienced in First Class was the ability to have a hot shower on board. The bathroom was huge and beautiful, and came with showering capabilities. There was a need to book a timeslot to use the shower spa though. Also, there was a limited 5 minutes usage of water so you can't simply waste too much of the water in the showers.

Honestly, I felt really pampered and had a really amazing experience on board with Emirates. If you would like to have a sneak peak into my flight experience, here's a short video :)

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