5 Must Eats in London

Friday, November 06, 2015

I love London. It's a cultural melting pot. And that makes the food in London amazing because you can get all kinds of food in this city. However, it can be pricey to eat in London but here are some of the better deals and food you can get in this beautiful city.

The Breakfast Club

33 D'Arblay Street The Breakfast Club is so popular among tourists that you have to queue for at least an hour and half to get a table. On the both occasions when I visited the branch in Soho, the service was quick. However, the interior is really small and cramped, which might have contributed to the long queues. The food was good. It’s the perfect way to start a weekend morning. However, I wouldn't queue another hour and half for the place again. Once is enough.

Flat Iron

17 Beak Street
Another place in Soho. A good friend of mine recommended this place. The deal with this place is that they serve pretty good steak for only £10. £10 may not be really cheap when you convert it into Singapore currency but it's going to be hard to find a place this decent to beat the price.

Patty and Bun

54 James Street I visited this place on two occasions. It's just right outside Liverpool station which makes it really convenient. The place is really tiny but they serve up really delicious burgers. I've heard of the long queues forming outside this place but on both occasions, I must have been really lucky. They also have a vegetarian option on the menu.

Four Seasons

12 Gerrard St | 84 Queensway
The only Asian food on this list. Famous of their roast duck, it has been crowned "Best Roast Duck in the world". I get that Singaporeans don't really opt for Asian food when they're overseas in an angmoh country. However, after a week of travelling, our Asian mouths were dying and screaming for some rice. A fellow Singaporean recommended this place to us.

They actually have two branches in Chinatown itself which we went to one day after another. That was how good it was, or rather we really missed rice. During my 5 months stay in London, I also visited the other branch in Bayswater, which was within walking distance from the station.

They've recently opened a branch in Singapore so I guess you can always give this a miss if you're on a tight schedule. However, if you are ever craving for some Asian food, keep this place at the back of your heads.

Burger & Lobster

Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge | 36-38 Dean Street Keeping the best for the last. If you can only have one meal in London, this is it. The highly raved Burger & Lobster serves only 3 dishes. Lobster (grilled or steamed), lobster roll, and a burger. Each costing £20. What? That's almost $42! Hold your horses. You'll have to understand in London, £20 is the norm for a meal in London. So instead of spending it on any other meal, why not eat a lobster? Besides, a lobster meal at Pince and Pints cost a lot more than £20.

Be prepared to wait really really long for this place. If you don't want to wait, come before the dinner crowd. Also, avoid the branch in Soho because that's going to be really crowded. I would personally recommend the steamed lobster over the grilled because it's juicer.

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  1. Is the four seasons similar to London fat duck?