Exploring Edinburgh

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edinburgh, located in Scotland, is one of UK’s most beautiful cities. It is only a 5 hour train ride from London. The beauty of Edinburgh is that the buildings are made of sandstone, and they tend to get really dirty. This gives Edinburgh a really rustic look in their buildings.

This is the view you get the moment you leave the train station.

The famous Scott Monument, dedicated to Sir Walter Scott. This iconic monument stands in one of the busiest streets in Edinburgh and it's hard to miss because it's really huge.
Jenners is just across the road. Jenners is one of the oldest independent department store in Scotland. It's probably the Scotland's version of Harrods.
And what can you see across Jenners? The Edinburgh Castle sits high up and is visible from Princes Street.
I didn't pay to enter the Edinburgh Castle as the castle is really big and I didn't have the time to spare. When I was there, the summer concerts just ended and they had all the stands up which were spoiling the general view of the castle. I wished I was in Edinburgh just a few days earlier to catch the summer concerts though. It seemed like a really huge event.
After a while, the buildings in Edinburgh starts to look really gloomy.
The ever constant crowd at the Greyfriars Bobby statue. Shibuya has the famous Hachiko statue, and Edinburgh has their own. People often rub his nose for good luck.
Some say J. K. Rowling wrote her books in this cafe. Well, she wrote her books all over the town in different cafes, and even finished the final book in the The Balmoral. Walking along the streets of Edinburgh, you can't just help but to feel like you're in the magical world.
Queen Mary's Bath House over at the Holyrood Palace.

Isn't it amazing how they display their fruits and vegetables. It just makes you feel like buying it. This was a temporary stall that was set up only in the day and they pack up and leave the place before sundown.

On one of the days, we took the tour out of Edinburgh to visit the highlands. The Harry Potter Alnwick castle tour was fully booked so I suggest booking a week in advance for the tours that you want.
Our tour brought us to Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond was huge and it was a pity that the weather wasn't too good. It was the usual Scottish weather.
The houses in the highlands.

There's something beautiful about Edinburgh. Someday, I'll return again.

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