All these little things

Monday, May 26, 2014

Love [luhv]
-vb To have great attraction to
-n An intense emotion of affection

Love is a funny thing. It makes you stammer, gives you butterflies in your stomach, and breaks your heart. It can make you a better person, or bring out the worst in you. It lets you experience ecstasy and miserableness.

Love comes when you least expect it to, in the train, at the post office, or in your best friend form. You may or may not recognise it as love initially. It may take time to grow, and give it enough water and warmth, it may very well germinate into the most beautiful plant you've ever laid eyes on.

When you're in love with someone, just standing next to the person makes you happy. All these little things brighten up your world immediately. You stare at your phone, awaiting the next text you'll receive from him or her, you stay up all night because he or she has yet to sleep, you'll give up your favourite wing and eat the drumette because he or she likes the wing too. Everything is beautiful in your world.

However, love is never always kind to us. All these little things that seem so harmless can also cause jealousy and doubt. Your protective instinct heightens and you're constantly on alert of any threat. You become anxious of any threat that may steal this beautiful ideal world away from you. You start building your shield, keeping any potential threat away from him or her. And that's when everything backfires. Your intense fear will cause distrust and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Conflicts is inevitable, as you fight about the simplest things in life. When either does not feel that he or she is in the wrong, beware for a storm is brewing. It becomes a battle of egos - who will take the first step and apologise? Being able to resolve a conflict is always healthy for the relationship. Conflicts help us to understand each other's needs and wants better. It grows the relationship, matures the relationship. It clears misunderstandings and encourages better communication. Running away will simply just snowball the problems.

As time goes by, all these little things that once seemed so important to you becomes mundane. Talking to each other on the phone every night becomes a chore, and you no longer feel the excitement of receiving a reply from the other party. You've become comfortable with each other, and everything has lost its excitement value.

And that's when one starts to look for new excitement in life. A new person that comes along may seem as more exciting and appealing. But that's due to the novelty value. You'll need to constantly remind yourself that you used to feel the same way to the person you loved. You'll need to find new ways to bring excitement back into your old love life and not to be tempted by new loves.

One wrong step, will make you regret. Once you've released your hands, it may not be easy to get back what you once have. Look back at all these little things you have with the person, cherish them, and constantly remind yourself.

Love won't return to how it used to be. You may find a new love, but remember, it may never be the same again.

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