Bangkok Shopping Guide

Monday, March 31, 2014

This is an updated version as compared to my previous Bangkok post. I returned to the shopping paradise in January 2014 for a 7 day stay. You can never get sick of that place. The food, the people, and best of all, the shopping that's available.

I went back to the same hotel as my previous trip so please feel free to revisit my previous post to find out more about it.

Here's a list of shopping areas I've been to in Bangkok:

Platinum Mall

Platinum Mall is the biggest fashion mall in Bangkok. It's a shopping mall divided into 3 sections and it has 6 levels of shopping paradise awaiting for your cash. Section 1 and Section 2 is mainly clothes while Section 3 is where you go to if you're looking for bags.

You can get clothes from between 100 - 300 baht. Most of the shops do offer wholesale prices so remember to ask before you set your eyes on a piece of clothing. So if you were to buy more than 2 pieces from the stall, you'll get a cheaper rate.

For the guys out there, you can expect to find some shops selling male clothes, shirts, ties, shoes. The male shops are situated at the same level.

There's a flea outside the mall that sells pretty interesting things so feel free to take a look if you're tired of walking in the mall.

If you're hungry, take the escalator up to level 6 and there's a food court. The price is reasonable and there is a wide variety of food available.


A few streets away from Platinum Mall, you can find Pratunam Market. The price may be cheaper than Platinum Mall, but price and quality is correlated. You'll need to get at least 3 pieces in Pratunam Market and they normally would not let you buy just 1 piece.

In the early morning, there will be stalls set up along the road, down from Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The prices are really cheap, mostly 100 baht.

At night, there's a street selling customized items, such as bags with your names, etc.

However, point to note, there are a lot of pickpocket incidents in Pratunam Market. When I was there the previous time, my friend got pick-pocketed. Her longchamp bag got slit and her purse was stolen. Another of my cousin had her phone pick-pocketed when she was looking at bags. So be extra careful with your belongings while you there. Best to avoid this place though.


The popular weekend market is a must to go for everyone who's there looking for good deals. It's really huge with narrow alleys and lots of people, so a map would be really useful. Remember to bring an umbrella along as the main road is not sheltered. Also, the umbrella comes in useful in helping to shield yourself from the sun.

The best area to shop in Chatuchak market is the area near the subway station, with plenty of shops selling trendy clothes. It's probably the only place I really liked in the entire market.

The clothes go from 200 baht. But you can get cheaper clothes at less than 100 baht, but of course, the quality would be a lot worse.

As the market is really huge, you should always buy it when you saw something you like. You may never be able to find your way back to the stall because everything looks the same.

If you're hungry, walk along the main road and there are a couple of stalls selling food. My favourite is the one selling yellow rice with chicken. It's a definitely must-try. You should also get some of the famous coconut ice-cream while you're there. It helps to keep you cool from the scorching weather.

Union Mall

Union Mall is located near Chatuchak Mall so it's convenient to just hop over after shopping at Chatuchak. Union Mall is a lot quieter as compared to Platinum Mall and tends to sell more trendy looking clothes as compared to Platinum Mall. But don't hold too high expectations of that place. There are significantly lesser stalls.

It's still a nice visit and I did manage to get some good loots from there.

Terminal 21

This shopping mall is known for the concept behind it. When you enter the mall, you're greeted by a captain, and a security check. You then find yourself in the boarding terminal. As you take the escalator up each level, you are welcomed to a different part of the world each level.

The decorations are really pretty and I spent most of my time exploring each level's washroom because it was so pretty and well designed.

The items here are more expensive as compared to what you would usually get at other places so I didn't get anything in the end.

Though you can find some of these stalls in Terminal 21 in Chatuchak on the weekends. 

Siam Square

Walking distance from Platinum Mall, Siam Square has plenty trendy looking stalls that are targeted at young people. The prices tend to be more pricey, ranging from 300 baht and above. The styles differ from Platinum Mall and are definitely more trendy.

There's a night market at Siam Square after all the stalls have closed. The clothes there are a lot cheaper as compared in the day.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is an upscale shopping mall where you can find luxury brands available. Not a place to go if your goal was to buy really cheap stuffs.


There's nothing much to get from this place. MBK is filled with touristy stalls that are aimed to squeeze you dry with their price. I wouldn't recommend this place if you're tight for time.


You can hop on a free shutter boat from Central Pier to Asiatique. It would be pretty romantic if the boat was not overloaded beyond it's capacity and you'll have to constantly worry about it sinking due to the heavy weight.

Asiatique is located next to the river and it's a beautiful place to have your dinner. It's more expensive though. The shops there are also more pricey.

You could also catch a ladies show while you're there.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Do you think Platinum or Union Mall is a better shopping place for girls looking to buy apparel?

    1. I think it depends! Most of the shops do sell about the same items after awhile though.