Animals in the Zoo

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My off days are the most precious days of my life now. It's a time when I can sit down, rest and get back on the internet. It's also a time when I can go out gallivanting around.

So boyfriend and I went to the Zoo :)

Clearly, the most interesting thing we saw in the zoo was to observe how the chimpanzees interact with their environment.

Here's how the chimpanzee get its fruits to eat.

The fruits are stuck in this weird container!

So the only possible way of taking it out is to poke a branch in its tiny opening.

And drag it out of the maze.

Or rather, pushing it out to the other side of the container where the opening lies.

And when the chimpanzee finally managed to get the fruit out, another little chimp came in and tried to steal the fruit.

So they fought over it.

But the bigger chimpanzee doted on the smaller one.

So he decided to give the fruit to the small chimp and get another one for himself.

The older chimpanzee just sat on top of the rock, trying to drink the water out of the hole using another branch.

Clearly, after observing them for 15 minutes, I realised how intelligent these creatures are. How they made use of things in their environment to get the food and water they needed.

Moving on to the next animal, the beautiful and colourful butts.

This baboon has a really colourful butt that looks like its face.

Blue, red, yellow... You name it.

Its face has as many colours as it butt.

Boyfriend and I concluded that it was probably a way to keep predators away from them. When your butt looks like your face, it will make predators mistaken your butt for your face.

The second pretty butt in the zoo goes to the red butt baboon.

I R baboon!!

A whole family of the baboons.

Another interesting sight of monkeys helping each other pick insects off their bodies.

The spider monkey posing for the camera!! :)

And the adorable orang utan being held by the zoo keeper walking along the path.

Can I have a pet monkey already? :(

Next, here's some of the interesting animals we saw!

My absolute favourite animal of all time, the white tiger! It gave me the chills when it looked straight into my eyes.

I'm upset that they don't have any other tigers in the zoo other than the white tiger though.

The kangaroo will always be one of my favourite animals :) I have a soft spot for Australian animals.

Hmmm. I forgot the name of this. Anteater?

I know zebras are like well known for their strips. But on a close look, their strips look so fake, yet beautiful at the same time.

I'm constantly amazed at this long necked animal.

This is one really really huge animal. And the most lasting impression it gave me was when it swam past me, it was releasing its waste. A horrible image I can never remove from my memory.

The beautiful crane which happened to just land on some random place.

And the amazing dragons in the zoo.

The most boring animals were:

The crocodile while was in the water like a log. It didn't even move an inch, just lying there in the water.

The giant tortoise. Really gigantic! I've never thought tortoises could be so huge.

Well, the Singapore Zoo was definitely a really interesting place. I'm just glad to see none of the animals in cages. It would break my heart to see them in cages.

I liked how I actually exchanged eye contact with some of my favourite animals! Yes yes, the white tiger was looking at me as he patrolled the edge of the rock, probably thinking of a way to get to the other side of the moat to pounce on me.

The chimpanzees definitely stole the day. They were lively and full of energy. It was nice seeing them mingle around, snatching for food, and learning ways to get the water out of the rock.

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