Selling Hey! Say! JUMP ASIA FIRST TOUR 2012 in Hong Kong tickets

Friday, March 16, 2012

Selling my Hey! Say! JUMP ASIA FIRST TOUR 2012 in Hong Kong tickets.

Respond before 20 March 2012.

Tickets are not available now.
But you can always buy the tickets when it's out on sale on April 11.
Someone is selling her tickets! Please refer to the comments below this post!

Can't afford to fly to Hong Kong again in May.

Want to sell it to some overseas fans who lost their chances of seeing them and want to buy the tickets!

Cost will be higher cause I have to include the handling fees they charged me when I bought the tickets.

If you're living in Thailand, I have a friend who is travelling to Thailand on the 21st March and if you confirm everything by then, I can get him to pass you the tickets (at his convenience because he's there for holidays). Thus, save on shipping fees. :)

And 薮宏太, 八乙女光, 中島裕翔, I've waited for you guys for 6 years. No harm waiting another few more years for you guys. Just hoping that you guys will be safe!

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  1. Cheejiayielizabeth17 March 2012 at 16:47

    hello, i would like to buy the tickets from you please! :)

  2. Sent an email to the email address you used to comment!

  3. are the tickets still available?

  4. Two persons have indicated interest but they have not confirmed. So yes, its still available.

  5. hello, I'd like to buy the tickets. Did anyone buy it? If it's available please email me a detail, thank you :)

  6. Dropped an email to the email you comment with. :)

  7. Hello.
    May I know how much is the tic you wish to sell if its still available?
    My email is


  8. Hi, i dropped my contact details at your LJ inbox! either way u can contact me via this email i'm posting with :)

  9. Hello :D
    Are the tickets still available!? I live in Bangkok, Thailand. And I want 2 tickets of Sunday show.
    Btw, "But you can always buy the tickets when it's out on sale on April 11."
    You mean that I can buy the tickets online on April 11, right? Could you give me more info about this.
    Thank you so much in advance <3

  10. Hi, I'm sorry but the tickets have been sold.

    Yes, the leftover tickets from the previous sales will be opened to public sales on the website ( on April 11. Overseas fans will be able to purchase the tickets online. That's how I bought my tickets. The sales of tickets on the website is temporarily closed due to the posteponement of concert and to process the refunds. But it will be back on sale on april 11.

    Hope that helps!

  11. Thank you so much for the information *hugs*
    Do you also know what time the tickets will be available on April 11!?

  12. If I'm not wrong, the previous sales of tickets were available at 10am.
    There are various ways for you to collect the ticket. For international fans, there's options to courier the tickets over (which cost me hkd200) or to go down to hongkong world exhibiton centre (or something like that) to collect the ticket when you're there.
    If you have anymore questions, i'll be more than willing to help clear your doubts :)

  13. OMGGGG!!! Thank you so much for you help, dear (^O^)v
    You're my lifesaver. Love you ♥

  14. Are the tickets still available? Please reply my email. :D

  15. Donita Villabriga23 April 2012 at 17:01

    Hello, can you help me sell my ticket. I'm from the Philippines and I'm willing to pay for they cost of shipping fees to at least get back 75% percent of the money I spent on buying the ticket. Can you help me? BTW, my tickets are for the HSJ concert in hong kong, 3pm, saturday. The seat is very near to the extension yeah...I hope you could help me.

  16. Donita Villabriga23 April 2012 at 17:03

    Btw...if needed...I'll be willing to cut down the cost of my concert if that would help to sell the tickets then I'd gladly cut the price by 10% to 20%

  17. Hello, sorry for the late reply!I've been rather busy lately!

    I'm so sorry but all the people who have responded to me about buying the tickets have bought their tickets from hkticketing website.

    However, I could put up on this post that you're selling your tickets! :)

    And I suggest selling your tickets on Hey! Say! JUMP LiveJournal communities :)