Fan Updates: Hey! Say! JUMP ASIA FIRST TOUR 2012 in Hong Kong

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Selling my tickets

I haven't had internet on my desktop for the past 3 days. Not complaining because I know how hard my dad is working to fix it. My internet's so bad now that I'm not even sure if what I'm typing will get saved or even published on my blog.

Anyway, it's just two weeks away from the most awesome time of my life - Hey! Say! JUMP ASIA FIRST TOUR 2012 in Hong Kong.

It's time to start putting the air tickets, concert tickets and everything aside and pack for the trip to Hong Kong! I'm travelling 1500 miles to meet the three boys that I've always dreamed about.

I goggled for some of the latest updates on the concert in Hong Kong.

So, I managed to gather some of the things the fans will do at the concert. But I haven't managed to finish reading it since my internet's off and on and it gets on my nerves.

But apparently, the fans will be singing Happy Birthday to Takaki Yuya :) Think it's on the 25/3 concerts only though. Not sure if it's in Japanese or Cantonese but I know neither language version of the Happy Birthday song, so yeah.

I've also read that the fans are planning to sing Star Time on the last concert. No idea who's going to coordinate that and since I'm not attending that concert, it doesn't really bother me.

No one knows what songs will they be singing. But everyone's guessing "JUMP Around The World!!!" for obvious reasons. I'm placing my bet on Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ for obvious reasons again. I'm pretty sure they have the Cantonese "Thank you" inside the song so there's no reason why they should not sing the song.

Well, that's it! :) It's time to get all excited for the trip and the concert!

In the meantime, NTU please hold your rejection letter till I'm back from the concert :(

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