Montigo Resorts Nongsa Getaway

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Montigo Resorts Nongsa is a luxurious getaway which boasts beachfront villas, only a 30 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore. It is the perfect short getaway retreat to paradise. Montigo Resorts Nongsa has three variations to their villas and we picked the beachfront villa, thinking there was direct access to the beach. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the perfect view of the ocean that was unobstructed by other villas.

There is a pax limit for Montigo, with the maximum number of occupants at 5, the fifth will be charged at $100/night. Honestly, the price for the stay was a little steep but we truly enjoyed the service. They had a shuttle to pick us up from Nongsa Ferry Terminal and we arrived at the resort slightly after 10. The staff were helpful and quick to explain the facilities in the resort to us. As there were rooms available, we were checked in to our villa by 11am, way earlier than the supposed check in time at 3pm. The villa had a really huge air-conditioned living area with a tiny kitchen at the back. There was a tv and wii game console set. We borrowed two games from the lobby for the wii game console at no cost. However, they only had two wii controllers. There was a tiny bar fridge with complimentary drinks. There was even a induction cooker with all the cooking equipment. However, I felt the refrigerator was a little too tiny. Would be perfect if they had a larger refrigerator. The balcony door from the living area led to the personal plunge pool, what Montigo was known for. It was a really nice place to sit and chill. I spent all my time here. When I was not in the pool, I was sitting by the edge, enjoying the serenity of the area. There are two bedrooms on the second floor. Both rooms are equipped with their own bathrooms. This is the smaller room with twin beds. And this is the master bedroom. The bed was huge and could easily fit three of us comfortably. As we booked the room for 5, they had an additional bed in the room for us. However, the bed was definitely not as comfortable as the king sized bed so we ended up squeezing on the big bed instead. There are a total of three bathrooms in the entire villa and this is the biggest bathroom. There was a rooftop balcony and it was simply amazingly beautiful. We had the staff lay out the cushions for us and we laid there gazing stars at night. However, we could easily see the other hillside villas' plunge pools and it was quite awkward, which was why I preferred our beachfront villa as there was more privacy for our plunge pool. Besides the villa, there are other areas that are accessible to guests. This is the play area for children. There's a mini ball pit on the ground level and on the top level, there are plenty of games that can engage your children. A mini foosball table and lots of other activities to keep your children busy. Montigo Nongsa has a famous landmark, their jetty. You may have seen this on many instagram feeds. Next to the jetty, you can find a small shack that rents out water activities equipments, such as jet ski and banana boat. Besides your own plunge pool, you can always hop into the bigger pool for a swim. Or lay and bask in the sun while watching people play in the water. The only downside of Montigo Nongsa is the availability of food choices. I was not impressed by the food or the price. There were mainly two kinds of choices at Tadd's, either the western or the Indonesian. We didn't go over to the Pantai restaurant as we already had our fair of seafood meal outside of Montigo for lunch. Moreover, the price at Pantai was definitely more expensive than the food we had outside the resort. I guess, the prices are meant to extort Singaporeans. The bill ended up similar to a meal in Singapore and as the food wasn't outstanding, it was a disappointment. Tadd's is where the complimentary breakfast is served. Contrary to the dinner, it was so much better. There is something for everyone for breakfast. Cornflakes. Pastries. Bread. And plenty of cooked food as well. They even serve some Indonesian food for breakfast. No complaints here. Besides Tadd's and Pantai, there's also Tiigo, a beach club that serves drinks and bar bites. We had pizza from here before leaving for our ferry that afternoon. There are also plenty of bar games you can indulge in while overlooking the people splashing in the water not far from the bar. And I really liked the design of the place. Overall, Montigo Nongsa is definitely a paradise a sea away from Singapore. Though they have limited water activities (and basically any activities), it was a nice getaway for the family. I would definitely return.

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  1. looks nice but i find montigo pricey

    1. Yes definitely. I do think so too. But it was a good experience.